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Payment Options: 

  • A non-refundable $300 secures your spot (a max of 10 people will journey together). This deposit will apply toward the overall cost of the ACT Journey.
  • Pay in full package discount: 1 payment of $3200 after $300 deposit - due 6 weeks before first retreat
  • Pay at each retreat - $585/retreat after $300 deposit.  First payment due 4 weeks before first retreat. Second payment due 2 weeks before 4th retreat etc.
  • Pay yearly - 2 payments of $1675 after $300 deposit - first payment due 4 weeks before first retreat
  • Note: In order to gain the most from this 2 year journey, you are committing to both attending and paying for the entire journey including the retreats and spiritual direction times whether you opt to utilize them or not. Naturally, unforeseeable emergencies arise and grace abounds - but you will be asked to sign a pledge of your commitment.
  • PLEASE NOTE - if you'd like to pay the remaining amount by credit card, we will increase the price of your payment by 5%.

Reimbursable expense? If you are in ministry, these expenses would likely be considered a tax-deductible ministry expense and/or tax write off for personal development and training. Check with your organization and/or tax advisor. We can provide you with a receipt.

To apply for the ACT journey, fill out the form below. Once received we will review, likely schedule a phone interview to discern if you're ready for this journey or if it might be best to wait. After being accepted, you can pay online, pay cash or a check (or cash) for your $300 down payment. The remaining amount due is payable by check or cash only and you will be directed before the retreat as to whom to make out the check. If you MUST use a credit card to pay the remaining amount, please note we will add 5% to the cost of the remaining payment. Thanks.



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Please note: seeing or having seeing a counselor does not prohibit you from participating in the ACT Journey

Non refundable checks payable to reFresh/A.C.T. Intl

Mail to:

reFresh ACT Journey * c/o Paula Gamble-Grant * 4594 SW Comus PL. * Portland, OR. 97219

For more info or if you have questions, please email.

ACT V (2017-2019)

  • Nov 16-19, 2017
  • Jan 25-28, 2018
  • late April or Early May, 2018
  • Late Oct , 2018
  • Late Jan 2019
  • Early May 2019