It doesn't take a plane to be a missionary!

One of the privileges of working with CCC is the students... I met one young lady at our winter conference - met her from 10 - midnight while we were worshiping God together. Liked her instantly - though I didn't learn her name or even have a discussion with her til the next day.

At the end of the jam session I told the "kids" who were in room that if I were to choose an army out of the 800 students at the conference, I'd choose the 40 of them. I was inspired by their freedom of worship. They unashamedly adored Jesus in song, dance, petitions, beauty...

It is no surprise, then, to hear that these unabashed worshipers have been fueled for mission. My latest young hero, Amber, is applying to go on a STINT (Short Term INTernational mission) with CCC to Japan. But she's not waiting til the fall to start her missionary work. She wrote and said, "It doesn't take a plane to be a missionary." So her goal - to pray for one girl in her sorority every day...and to take one girl out to coffee once a week to talk and listen and share Christ with them.

Seems simple enough - so as I sit here typing at my computer, locked into my own world of scattery freelance starving artist work I have to ask, "When was the last time I took out a non-believer to coffee?"

It doesn't take a plane to be a missionary...

Thank you Amber - and heaps of God's lavish blessings upon you and your mission at EWU.

Paula GambleComment