A Greater Glimpse

Matt Redman has a song on his "Facedown" CD that strikes me each time.

"This is a time for seeing and singing
This is a time for breathing you in and breathing out your praise.
Our hearts respond to your revelation
All you are showing, all we have seen commands a life of praise.

No one can sing of things they have not seen
God open our eyes towards a greater glimpse.
The glory of You - the glory of You
Open our eyes towards a greater glimpse.

Worship starts with Seeing You
Worship starts with Seeing You
Our hearts respond to Your revelation..."

Like the Oswald Chambers writing "Do not look for God to come in any particular way...but look for Him."

What if our times of worship at church or personally were not "just" about singing...
Evenmoreso - they are really about seeing. Tuning our eyes to see Him - to rehearse and refresh that he has not left us wallowing in the mire of this wicked world. He sees and hears and knows and loves.

If we do not see - we will not sing.

Oh Lord - give us a greater glimpse. Open the eyes of our heart that we might know you better.

Feel free to leave a comment of How you have "seen" Jesus show up in Your week.


Paula Gamble2 Comments