4 words that will change your life...

Yesterday a friend wrote me a few of her New Year's resolutions and asked for prayer. Now truth be known, I could take or leave NYRs. I don't want to fall into what feels like a gimmicky marketing tool for my well-being. And, truth be known, I don't want to fail...again...

Well, my friend's heart was noble and vulnerable - she longed to grow in her relationship with God. The last four words of her email were stunning - she felt she could rearrange her life a bit...

"...because I love Him."

Exquisite, really.

Oh how NYRs come and go - perhaps it's because our motives are so quirky.
Exercise and eat right to be a better steward of my body
Exercise and eat right ...because I love Him
Which is more motivating? The former is seemingly pious/spiritual, but functional. The latter - it is relational.
What if all our New Year's resolutions were based on love of Him?
Would it change my "stick-to-it-ness"?
Would I actually enjoy the discipline because of the love?
Because I love him - would that more of my daily choices be made with love in mind - not just a check mark on a list.
I will say no to a second helping - because I love him.
I will say no to bad tv - because I love him
I will say yes to exercise - because I love him
I will say yes to an abuse recovery support group - because I love him.
Four words that will change your/my life.
Yes - I am loved by God - "meteorically"! But would that I'd retain remembrance of our love so I could walk through each moment with joy and faithfulness ... because I love him.
I am my beloved and he is mine...His banner over me is love.

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