Who buys all those mattresses?

A few nights ago I got sucked into the bad tv vortex...
I hate it when that happens. So now, in order to excuse/justify my lack of discipline, let me share a few cultural observations...

Straight up prime time - 8pm - opening scene of CSI...two college students stripping down to underwear...the filming stopped just short of what i imagine would qualify as an x rated "adult" movie sex scene aka pornography.
What would Lucy and Desi - who slept in separate twin beds - say?
Ay yi yi
Within a few hours...murder, abortion, illicit sex, drug and alcohol abuse, the "gay cowboy" movie, transgender "regendering" surgeries, ghosts, vampires...evil, power, control abuse... ugh! All in one night of "Must See" TV.
Ay yi yi -
If this is what the network says we "must see" - what does that say about us? Our visions are not very grand or glorious.

And then there's the ads - they say a lot about us.
Food, food, food - fresh, fast, cheap....
followed by ads for diet programs, exercise equipment, gym membership deals, and high cholestoral medication.
In other words...parttake in the plenty - we have "easy" remedies. Binge and purge.
Indulge without consequence...Hmmmm

And the big question on my mind - do we really buy that many mattresses? Three different companies on every single commercial break trying to sell us mattresses. I don't know about you - but I've had mine for a dozen or more years...Who is buying all these mattresses?

Oh well - I say this - stop the madness...repent of self-abuse of body, mind and soul.

Paula Gamble1 Comment