On learning German

I've decided that since I am working with two people living in Germany, I should learn more than just the phrase, "Mein hund ist under dem wagen." (My dog is under the car.) Yup - leave it to me to know useless phrases that I hope I never have to use (like in Spanish, "Ay de mi, mi pierna esta rota." (Oh no my leg is broken). I can also say, "We are all pregnant women" in Latvian (Mes esam grutas sievietes)


I pulled out my Berlitz "Learn German" book and probably to no one's surprise the first conversation takes place in a pub.

I am happy to say that I can now order up to 10 beers, as well as say, "Please, take a seat. Here is a chair."

Nicht Slecht


Paula GambleComment