15 minutes of today's world...

I was watching Matt Lauer on NBC's Today show while exercising this morning (pat me on the back, thank you - for exercise, not for watching TV) and here were three stories in 15 minutes

  • STORY #1 - Brittiana - a young gal who has suffered both bone cancer and leukemia (given only 6 months to live without chemo) has embraced whatever is left of her life, started a non-profit to help and encourage other kids with cancer, as well as their families. When Matt Lauer asked her, "What gives you so much strength?" Brittania said, "My strength comes from God - He's with me throughout the day... and I just leave it up to Him." Hmmm...from the mouths of Babes

  • STORY #2 - Technology has allowed many soldiers, who in previous wars would have died with dignity on the battlefield, to come home alive, but severely injured and debilitated. Is life better? The technology is amazing - some would even say, "Miraculous." Is it? Would a proper theology of heaven prevent technological miracles, or just remind us that technology is merely a band-aid to real life both here, and the life that awaits us in heaven.

  • STORY #3 - Couples are now taking "Conceptionmoons" - in order to try and conceive babies. They want it done in a special place, with lots of good memories and away from the stresses and strains of daily life. There is a surprising 40% cycle conception rate of those who do this (average age of conceptionmooners is 30.1). I have lots of thoughts about this...very interesting...but mostly I think that if life is too stressful to conceive at home, and sex is reserved only for vacation, doesn't that seem like even more pressure? I'm sure that some company will start marketing "conceptionmoon" package vacations including housing, chocolate covered strawberries and whip cream, sparkling cider, romantic "mood" music on an ipod, sexy negligee and a home pregnancy test.
That's 15 minutes of our world today.
I'm your host, Paula Gamble.


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