More "Delightful" thoughts

I will have to say, it was my pastor, Jeremy Erb, who got me thinking about this whole delight thing. He preached on it - if you want to hear his sermon go to, enter, and go to resources to find sermons!

Mary and I mulled over "delight" today - the whole idea about how you cannot muster it up. It happens TO you. I asked her, "Tell me about what delights you."
She described how she feels delighted after hanging out with good friends.
"What is it that makes you feel delighted?"

I'm known, I'm loved. I learn things - there is still great discovery, and laughter, and care. I know I'll be taken care of and it makes me want to take care of them more too."

We talked more about "delight" - here are some of the words Mary used as she thought aloud about people she knows who seem delighted with life:

"...continually awe... doesn't get old...there is constant discovery...almost like is life giving, not life sucking...restful, free to be me..."

We both marveled at all the words that came out... the delight of her hanging with friends or watching a sunset was stunning...sort of like how our relationship with the Lord should be...but often isn't.

Why not?

I have some ideas - perhaps you'd like to share yours?

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