The Good of Technology

I just got off the phone in a worldwide prayer conference call. Some of us in the US responsible for sending and shepherding our folks had an open line where people could call in for specific prayer - from E. Asia, Croatia, Europe, Latin America...while not everyone did call in, we had a great time lifting our teams before Jesus.
What a joy to lift all of their "communication difficulties" (such a euphemism for team conflict) to the Lord - asking him to be the peace that helps them to walk in step with Him and one another.

What a joy to exalt Jesus - the Supreme Supremacy - and to ask them to hold all things together as these teams try to finish out their next month or two with strength and courage in the midst of the weariness.

I just think that it's cool to be able to pray in real time for the needs of our missionaries!

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Paula GambleComment