New Life on Easter Day!

After a great Sunday celebration at church, a man came up to my friend to talk to her about her keyboard. She felt the need to share Christ with him, so she said straight out (I love this about her!), “Ray, do you know the Lord Jesus Christ personally?”

“I used to.”

“Well, how’d you like to sit and look at the Bible and what it says about Him?”


For the next hour or so the two of us (me believing that going late to my brunch and K leaving 2 hours late to drive to Tacoma to have easter with her daughter) shared scripture and asked questions. At one point I said, “Ray, you don’t need more courage to stop sinning – even greater courage is required to just let Jesus love your wounded heart!”

At that, he started bawling like a baby. We prayed – asked him to pray first, it was a slobbering beautiful thing. Then invited some men in our church to come over to make it not so awkward. Jason, our children’s pastor, actually took the baton, and led Ray to Christ. After praying, with more tears falling down Ray’s face, dear, dear Jason reached over, and with his thumbs wiped his tears saying, “I have no greater privilege than to wipe your tears – but one day, there will be no tears…”

It was really remarkable! And really inconvenient! I was late to my brunch with my neighbor, K should have been in Tacoma by the time we finished, and all of us had growling stomachs. But…no worries. The kingdom of God is NOT about us & "giving birth" is rarely convenient!

Paula GambleComment