Kosher Eavesdropping

Inspired by my friend Matt Mikalatos I have eavesdropped on someone and will share it here...

Stepmom: "So are you going to make spaghetti for dinner - or is that breaking kosher?" (Meaning they were still within the 7 day passover unleavened bread regulation)

Stepson: "yeah - may as well. I already broke kosher. I ate a bacon double cheese burger. Flour in the bun, pork in the bacon, and dairy and meat together. All I needed to make it a complete blowout is a meat milkshake."

I chuckled at this little conversation and thought, "Now there's some commitment to your faith....NOT."
Then God reminded easily I "fudge" on what he asks of me...
And...well, this little eavesdropping proved to turn my judgment into conviction.
Thanks Lord

Paula GambleComment