"Remember Me"

Was reading 1 Sam 1 last week - it is one of the greatest short stories ever written. Not a name, place or detail seems insignificant.
What struck me most, however, was when Hannah was crying out to the Lord to "remember me." Later in the text, it says, "The Lord remembered her."
As I dove into the Hebrew meaning of the word, "Remember" it is so much more than just remembering to pick up some eggs at the grocery store. Hebrew verbs always seem to be far more active than passive.

When Hannah cries out, "Remember me" she is saying, "God, lovingly act on my behalf!" And then, God remembered (lovingly acted on her behalf) her.

I just found that beautiful. I've found myself all week praying for friends in crisis, "Lord - remember her - not like eggs on a grocery list - but lovingly act on her behalf."

And he has - and his lovingkindness has been exquisite!


Paula GambleComment