All around the world

Haven't been "here" blogging lately - for I have been busy traveling. First to Costa Rica to help debrief some of our STINTers - what an awesome job I have. These three were stellar to be with and I count it a privilege to be able to help point them to Jesus.

Just back last week from a trip to E. Asia - much different than the E. Asia I lived in 12 years ago. In fact, compared to their exponential modernization that has occured over the last decade (including a vast plethora of Starbucks - and clean city streets - and they skipped the phone lines and went straight for high speed internet and cell phones) I feel like I lived in the equivalent of a grass hut when I was there. My mom and dad had to get someone to speak Chinese into a tape recorder in order to even reach the phone number in my dorm room.

My heart is full - and I am grateful for His mercies.

Paula GambleComment