Universe Disturbers

Madaleine L'Engle writes:

“Do I dare disturb the universe?…It’s a question we are not usually encouraged to ask, or to attempt to answer, particularly in various institutions. Especially not in the church. If we disturb the universe, no matter how lovingly, we’re likely to get hurt. Nobody ever promised universe-disturbers (u-ds) an easy time of it. U-ds make waves, rock boat, upset establishments. Jesus was a great U-D, so upsetting the establishment of his day that they put him on a cross, hoping to finish him off. Those of us who try to follow His way have a choice, either go with him as U-ds or play it safe. Playing it safe ultimately leads to personal diminishment and death.

“If we want to play it safe, we have little to settle for comfortable religion, one which will not permit questions, because questions are u-ds. If we don’t allow questions we can fool ourselves into thinking that we are capable of defining God.

“We live in an open, interactive, creative universe, and to try to close it into a safe little system is a danger to ourselves and a danger to everyone we touch.”

Madeleine L’Engle in the Genesis Trilogy p 255-256

My commentary (actually written in 2002 from my journal)

To limit something to just one way (except for the 'one way' to the Father through Jesus) seems restrictive and institutional. A bare linoleum hallway that reeks of antiseptic and is dimly lit by flickering flourescents with gold vinyl chairs lining the sides.
No - give me a hallway filled with stained glass and great art, wall sconces and chandeliers. Give me an Italian tiled floor and mosaics.
Why we choose the antiseptic hallway is a mystery. Why our propensity for a safe, predictable, easier to clean, time-saving religion has become predominate...oh we are missing the intimacy, beauty and adventure of our Preposterous Shepherd King.


Paula GambleComment