Revival Coming to PDX?

This week a church in B’ton named, Solid Rock Fellowship, has held a week of fasting and prayer for revival. Each morning, about 100-150 people have shown up from 6:30 to 7:30 to pray…I joined them on 2 different mornings and it was really wonderful. On Sat, May 12th, they prayed together from 9-10 a.m. on top of Council Crest – there is a plaque a top the hill that shares how 30 Christian ministers took a 2 hour six horse carriage ride from Portland atop the hill in 1898 to pray over the city. History reveals that in 1905 - there was a revival in Portland. (Click here to read more about the 1905 revival.)

I joined with Solid Rock Fellowship’s prayer (day 6) atop Council Crest on Sat morning – once again over 150 people (mostly in their 20's) praying for revival for the Portland area. During the time a Chinese evangelist named Brother Yun (You can read his amazing story in the book, “The Heavenly Man”) shared that he believed revival was coming to Portland…

Then a gal named Brooke shared that a year ago she was living in Texas and asked God to send her to be a part of a revival in America. He told her to move to Portland.

On Friday night my friend Kathryn and I met another young gal (19) who said that she prayed and asked God for where to go to have impact in his kingdom – he sent her here…she’s from South Africa.

After the prayer time on Sat morning, some of the gals went downtown for coffee and to pray some more. They passed a group of African American men singing about Jesus on 10th and Yamhill and stopped to inquire about who they were, if they could pray for/with them, and why they were there. The men said that God put on their heart that he was starting a revival…and so in obedience they went to the street corners to pave the way with singing.

Dear brothers and sisters – something is afoot – let’s not miss it!

Love to you all


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