3 mph in a 24/7 world

One of our guests at my ministry community's gathering last week shared about his need to slow down: ">The pace of my life is such I don’t have room for anything to go wrong, and when it does, the stress level goes through the roof... I hate that life. I’ve been contemplating the humanity of Jesus, amazed that he walked away from all the people that needed healing and instead, Jesus went away to be with Father. He did both well. Furthermore,he never walked more than 3mph - never borrowed a Roman chariot or horses to go faster. He just went 3mph all around Israel. And it's been said that if you walk more than 3mph, peoples' faces become blurred - I don't want to do that. I want to be present with people the way Jesus was.
How do you help someone fall in love with Jesus? I'm trying to be ruthless in controlling the pace of my life, trying to be a 3 mpg person in a 24/7 world."

yes - good questions and fodder for self-examination. How might I be ruthlessly unhurried (live 3mph in a 24/7 world) today?


Paula GambleComment