Centering Prayer Primer

I have been reading a lot of Father Thomas Keating's writings lately - he is a great advocate for the power of what has been traditionally called, "Contemplative" prayer - which, in his paradigm, is the only thing that fully heals us from our imposter selves which usually act and react to the world in defensive and striving postures. It is the only thing because in our "being still" we connect to the Trinity within us - the Trinity that has knit our innermost being and that loves us with expectancy. In the richness of this love alone, are we freed from the woundedness that has obscured our true vision of our true selves and of the True God (vs. who we imagine, fear or want Him to be.)

One of the disciplines to move toward this, which I prefer to call "abiding," is centering prayer. So - listen to Father Thomas Keating himself - and how he describes Centering prayer. He is delightful to listen to!

Let me know what you think.

Paula GambleComment