Those who are good

NLT of Psalm 125:4 “God is good to those who are good: to those who are in tune with you.” Think of that…those who are good in this passage are those who are in tune with God. (other versions say “upright in heart” or “hearts are right.”) I was thinking of some accountability relationships I’ve shared in the past – the questions were always, “Did you do x, y, or z or abstain from x, y, and z?” How dreadful they seem even in memory! What a kinder, gentler accountability when I don’t measure my or others’ goodness on behavior alone. Instead, there is this “in-sync-ness” of being in tune – of being with – of being near. And it is hard to be in tune with someone you don’t know or love or trust. I am grateful, today, that I sense this being in tune – even though I experienced a strong resistance of will in prayer this morning. I was yet with Him, and it was okay.

Paula GambleComment