Doing the Letting

"Advent is about letting God come to us. We do the letting and God does the coming. And, the whole mystery of our faith is that God is not reluctant to come into an unusual relationship (like Mary and Joseph's) or to be born in the poverty of a makeshift stable. We are tempted to prepare for Advent by cleaning everything up first - by, in effect, saving ourselves first. Our opening to Advent is to realize we need saving and to accept the saving love of our God."

 Letting God come is like letting the blue of the night sky overshadow and envelope the orange tint at sunset. In this, there is union, beauty and transformation - a new sun rising fresh each morn.

  • How will you "do the letting" today?
  • Do you believe that God is NOT reluctant to come to you - despite your lack and need?

Paula GambleAdventComment