Resting Between His Shoulders

What do you love most about this picture?

I love the face of the mama who has great delight in her baby, who is completely at rest between her mama's shoulders. My friend Ashley shared this verse with me a few weeks ago and I have been astounded by it:

"Let the beloved of the Lord rest secure in Him
for He shields him all day long;
and the one the Lord loves rests between His shoulders"
Deut 33:12

rest secure

Then I shared it with another friend, Jeremy, in prayer. It brought tears to his eyes as he recounted his own musings and meditations on that very verse over the past few weeks.

Then I lunched with Robin - shared it with her as an invitation to continue to rest securely in the midst of much chaos. Later that day she saw the picture above on a friend's facebook page - the baby's name is Princess and what is she doing?
Yup -
Seems like a pretty cool invitation - one I need to continue heeding - believing that Papa delights in (and yes, is especially fond) of such moments.
Rest between His shoulders - beloved - rest securely...

Paula GambleComment