For Better or Worse...

"The Parable of the Weeds Among the Wheat"

My team and I are reading a book called, Weeds Among the Wheat by Thomas Green. This morning I read of how times of desolation are like "worse" part of the marriage vow of "for better or worse." Most times, if the partners stay true to the relationship, without trying to get something out of the other, the "worse" makes the "better" better - even with God. Both seasons are necessary gifts to both reveal and strengthen our love.

In the midst of some of my own sense of desolation lately, this gives me courage and hope. There is a refining happening that will not only purify my heart, but also "fuse me" to the love of Jesus Christ. He is not fixing me...he is loving me...and it is strangely miserable and wonderful. Eager to see how this "worse" will make the "better" better.

Paula Gamble1 Comment