The greatest enemies of the inner journey

"[Those who followed God in the desert] believed that the greatest enemies of the inner journey were hurry, crowds, and noise" -Laura Swan OSB in The Forgotten Desert Mothers, 15
Ironically, it seems much of our event planning in the ongoing parade of Christian faith is rushed, crowded and noisy - often just as busy and noisy as the rest of life. It makes me ask the question - are we sabotaging, through hurry, crowded and noisy extravaganzas - especially all the hoopla of the upcoming Christmas season - that which we are deeply longing for in our inner journey?

Anticipating Advent (only 1 week from Sunday away!) - which is a time of stillness, anticipation and expectant waiting (not in-coincidental to the busiest, most boisterous time of the year) consider:

  • In what ways are hurry, crowds and noise enemies to you deepening your inner journey? 
  • In this upcoming season of Advent, in what ways do you desire to cultivate your inner journey?
  • How might some intentional unhurriedness, solitude and/or stillness be welcomed into your daily life?
Listen in for the still, small whispers of God's invitation toward His love. Respect the sacred spaces in your day and in your own soul.