Entering rest...Unhurry Up™

Rest is a death. We die to ourselves, our agendas, and learn that God loves us deeply just as we are. We dies to ourselves when we choose not to pummel God with more words but to simply sit as with a friend in silence, trusting the Spirit's work on our behalf. For even in our silence, the Holy Spirit intercedes for us, praying for us and through us.

This is the miracle: God's purposes may best be accomplished through our inactivity.

Our Shepherd holds out his hand and invites us to cease striving, to rest along the banks of still waters. And we lay down our knapsack, put our weary hand in his nail-scarred palm and let him lead us.”

~ from Resting Place: A Personal Guide to Spiritual Retreats 
by Jane Rubietta (22-23).

  • As you read about “entering rest” - what word or phrase felt like an invitation to your heart – something to pay attention to?
  • What agenda might God be calling you to die to in this season of your life/circumstances?
  • What parts of you life feel wearisome right now (relationships? Finances? Vocation? Health/Physical?) Imagine Him holding out His hand to you...describe how that feels.

     Write out a prayer of how you want God to lead you toward rest in your life....

Unhurry Up™