What we choose changes us

"Mary was not the only one who chose to leave the life she had thought would be hers. In choosing Mary and her child, in welcoming the Word into his life, Joseph had his own threshold to cross, his own radical yes to say to God. Perhaps on the night of Jesus’ birth, Joseph lifted up a father’s Magnificat in syllables lost to us; perhaps, in a shelter far from home, he wove them into a lullaby for his chosen child.
What are you choosing this day? In your waking, in your dreaming, how are you listening for and attending to the messages and the invitations that are waiting for you?"

A Prayer for Choosing
What we choose
changes us.
Who we love
transforms us.
How we create
remakes us.
Where we live
reshapes us.
So in all our choosing,
O God, make us wise;
in all our loving,
O Christ, make us bold;
in all our creating,
O Spirit, give us courage;
in all our living
may we become whole.
Jan L. Richardson - original post here.

What places in your life need a radical yes? Transformation? Greater intimacy and courage?

Pray this prayer between now and Christmas morning...and pay attention to what might be reshaped, emboldened, given courage, wholeness, fresh wisdom...

Peace...shalom...wholeness...wellness...courageous settledness to you and yours!


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