A new "Series" on Living Unhurried

"Love and hurry are fundamentally incompatible. 
It is because love kills hurry 
that it is the single greatest detriment to the spiritual life."
John Ortberg.

If this is so (and I have a sneaking suspicion it is!) then any of us who long to live a life of love must consider giving space to the ordering of our lives toward a more unhurried fashion. This does not come naturally to most of us who live in North America - I'm sure I do not even need to explain this.

If living unhurried is synonymous with loving well, then imagine the following all-too familiar dialogue:
"How are you?"
"Busy..." said with a sigh and a bit of a nervous shuffle.
"Good - me too."
At this point, the conversation is typically over and moves onto something more impersonal like, "How 'bout this weather?"

Now imagine what is really being said:
"How are you?"

"Struggling to be loving, afraid to let myself be loved." (i.e. I'm really busy - doing really important things and trying to keep your distance from asking me to add more to my already overextended plate. I don't really want you to know how I am and I'm not really sure how I really am.)

In light of this, I hope to post some "Living Unhurried" tips and exercises from time to time. Little blurbs will also be on facebook and twitter (look for paula gamble or mysoulrefresh) - and more indepth reflections here. Living unhurried is not only about changing behavior, but also examining the perspectives and attitudes beneath the surface.

Join the unhurried revolution to make even one part of your day a little less hurried, a little more loving!