Living Unhurried #36

I find it ironic that our culture has both a lust for safety/security as well as for busyness - because often when when we are in a hurry, we are less safe. For instance, consider your driving habits when you're late for an appointment. Do you dash in and out of traffic - take a few more risks than you would otherwise? Just yesterday a person, with young kids in the back seat, no less, cut across 2 lanes of traffic to turn right in front of me. Apparently my blinker was considered merely as nice car bling.

  • When we live hurried we don't eat as well as we'd like - choosing fast and convenient over leisurely and nutritious.
  • When we live hurried, we overtax our schedules and suffer from sleep deprivation and exhaustion.
  • When we live hurried, we settle for shallow social connection vs. long, lingering fellowship - and complain about loneliness.
In what ways is your hurriedness threatening your life/health?
What might God be inviting you toward?

Live the Unhurried Revolution!