Living Unhurried #42

 "When Jesus peeks in and says 'hi' - examines our 'usness,'
really looks it over, and says, 'I love you' 
then I have real-life...
[my life is reflected in another's eyes].
When he loves us we begin to exist as persons, not things
[i.e. nor merely for our accomplishments, possessions, or who we know.]"
~Brennan Manning in Souvenirs of Solitude [bracketed words added by me]

How might you let God peek into your life and say, "Hi" today?
  • Imagine him coming to your cubicle, your kitchen sink, popping out at the drive thru window, walking with you to your car... how does having him notice you as you really are encourage your heart?
  • Take a few moments to pop into someone else's life and say "hi" and let them know you love them just as they are - send a text, a phone call, a letter - for it is when our "usness" is reflected "in the glow of someone else's eyes," says Brennan, that we realize our effective essence.
  • How does being "noticed" by God or others make you feel?

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