Living Unhurried #44

If we let ourselves marinate in our restlessness and dissatisfaction - if we slow long enough to pay attention to the deeper cries of our souls - we often discover a beautiful longing for a deeper, more intimate, fierce and free life. This longing is the best thing about us - calling us to live embracing all of life rather than just skimming the surface of it.

Throughout the day, pay attention to the ways you are restless - in vocation, relationships, with an aspect of your spirituality and soul. Maybe keep a list.

Then sometime tonight, create some quiet space - perhaps light a candle, take a few breaths, revisit what is restless in you  - then ask God to reveal what is the deeper longing beneath the dissatisfaction. Try to "listen" to how he is wooing you to deeper intimacy with Him.

  • How is He inviting you to live in relationship with Him that will transform how you interact with the world? 
  • What is He revealing to you about Himself? 
  • What is He revealing to you about you?
Can you put your longing into words? Or capture it with a word picture/metaphor?

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