Living Unhurried #48

"On the day of Judgment, God will only ask one question: Did you enjoy my world?"
Traditional Jewish Saying

As you get to the end of your day, reflect back on how you enjoyed your day? 
  • What parts of your day made you feel fully alive? 
  • What parts seemed to drag you down? 
  • Are you too busy to enjoy the beauty of spring? Or your family? or a leisurely home cooked meal? 
  • What might help you enjoy tomorrow?

Lord, I want to enjoy life 
rather than skim it.
I want to behold Your beauty - 
experience the complete joy You lavish.
Help me walk tomorrow with an attitude that life is a gift
One to be opened, delighted in, enjoyed.
Help me to see each task, each person, each obstacle
as Your invitation to trust You, enjoy You, love You.
I need You - fill me with a desire to enjoy 
each breath
each flower
even each person who cuts me off in traffic;
each moment of inspiration,
each dreary, seemingly mundane task.
Oh Lord, establish the work of your hands...
In Your presence is fullness of joy.

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