Living Unhurried #41

Esther DeWaal, in her book Lost in Wonder writes: "...[find] something that catches your attention and translate it into an image which tells me more about itself and more about my own self, my reaction, my relation to it" (30).

She suggests using the rhythm of a traditional Japanese tanka poem: 5 unrhymed lines -  the syllable counts per line are 5, 7, 5, 7, 7

The sun peeks gently
Alluring blossoms to rise
Alluring my heart
Awakening my great hope
Stirring desire for oneness

The soft morning hues
Gently rouse me to embrace
while I deeply breathe
Wanting to hold this moment
Lingering in the mercies

You get the idea...

She continues, "Having a set form to hand is like having a net, a framework, in which to trap words...and to catch that momentary glimpse, the hint, the elusive moment of beauty or mystery or pain or amusement" (30).

Over the weekend, use the 5,7,5,7,7 rhythm to try and capture the moment in a net. As you ponder what has come forth, ask God, "What are you revealing to me about me? About yourself?"

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