Living Unhurried #57

What can you do everyday to find health and happiness that costs you absolutely nothing?

Be grateful.

Research shows that grateful people, among other things, can boost their immune system, are more likely to attain personal goals, can be more empathetic, and place less importance on material goods and possessions.(

By focusing on 3-5 things per day that you are grateful for (health, relationships, having a roof over your head etc.) can boost your health and enjoyment of life. To increase that even more, try sharing what you are grateful for with someone else.

The real challenge might be finding things to be grateful for when you are stuck in traffic or about ready to lose your job or are fighting an illness. In these moments, however, what we truly value seem to rise to the surface.

Today as you are driving home from work or doing errands, think of 3-5 things you are grateful for. Maybe even buy a little notepad to keep in your car to keep a record of gratitude. (naturally don't write it while you are driving - but maybe before you step out of the car to meet your family or friends). OR at the dinner table, share with one another what you are grateful for.

Feel free to leave a few of your thanksgivings in the comments ...

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