Living Unhurried #63 - National Holiday for Living Unhurriedites!

Tomorrow, June 19th, is a really important holiday for Living Unhurried - perhaps the national holiday for those of us Unhurriedites who are a part of the Unhurried revolution!

June 19th is World Sauntering Day. Ain't it grand?

The holiday started in 1970 as a publicity stunt for a luxury hotel in Michigan. But wouldn't it be great if we all celebrated life and loved ones with a day of sauntering - a leisurely, aimless stroll designed for enjoyment? And perhaps we can even throw in some lingering and frolic as well!

And did you know that slow walking actually has some really good health benefits? You can actually burn more calories walking slowly than at regular speed! What a great way to relieve stress on your joints and on your brain!

So go ahead - take a leisurely and attentive stroll through your neighborhood - notice your stressed out neighbors (give them a gentle smile and greeting), the wild shades and textures of nature and the horribly gaudy yard ornaments - walk slowly, breathe deeply, notice the way that air feels as it fills your lungs, or how lovely it is to hold the hand of a friend, child or lover!

So go on out, unhurry up, get your saunter on and be grateful for life!

What did you discover in your day of sauntering?

Join the Unhurried Revolution!