Living Unhurried #65

Take one minute to write this little saying on a post-it note or 3x5 card and place it in frequented and noticeable vicinities: your car dashboard, bathroom mirror, on the inside of your front door, on your computer, or even as a pop up reminder on your iPhone or Google Calendar!

God joins us wherever we are
Just as we are
and only asks us 
To Be Who We Are 
~ Thomas Keating

 Wherever we are - not just physically like at the bank, or parallel parking, or enjoying a microbrew, or laughing at frolicking monkeys at the zoo or worshiping at church...God joins us "wherever" we are emotionally - in sorrow, sickness, health, joy, anger, high productivity or utter laziness. 

The harder question is: Am I free to be Who I Am with God in any location or emotion?

Perhaps each time you see your note this week, stop, take a deep breath, and acknowledge that God is with you - no matter where you are or how you feel. Share whatever feeling you have in the moment with Him. Ask Him to help you be (and become) who you really are as the object of His affection and attention. 

Join the Unhurried Revolution!