Living Unhurried #67

 Vincent Van Gogh's "Noon: Rest From Work" (After Millet)
1889-90; Musée d'Orsay, Paris

"My soul finds rest in God alone
My salvation comes from Him..."
~Psalm 62:1

Rest does not "just happen" - our souls need to "find" it - that seems to indicate that it takes some unhurried and intentional effort to put ourselves in a place where true rest can open our heart, mind, soul, emotion and body to God's loving care. What we find is what we're longing for - our "at-home-ness" with ourselves in God's presence.

  • How have you encountered God in the midst of restful moments this past week?
  • What keeps you from rest?
  • What do you need some "salvation" from - 
  • From being overcommitted? 
  • From being over loaded with junky foods?
  • From not getting enough sleep?
  • From compulsions that make you feel guilty if you care for yourself...?
  • Financial difficulties from overspending?
How is God inviting you to find rest in Him this week?
How does that make you feel?
How do you want to intentionally respond?

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