Living Unhurried #71

Take an unhurried gander at yourself in the mirror - a full length one if possible.

  • Is it hard or easy looking at yourself? 
  • What do you see? 
  • Do you hear internal incriminating voices of judgment? or a sense of pleasure?
  • Are your thoughts negative, or positive? 
  • What do you wish would be different?

If you are satisfied and grateful, take a moment and thank God for your good health.
If you are dissatisfied, in the presence of a loving God who does not love you more or less based upon your looks/health/feelings toward yourself (Rom. 8: 31-39) - take a moment or two and ask, "Lord, what is my desire beneath my discontentment? What small thing might you invite me toward to love myself?"

For the rest of the week, each time you look into a mirror (rear view, at office, in a dressing room, or while brushing your teeth before bed, etc) thank God for the life He's given you and ask Him to reveal to You how He sees you.

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