Living Unhurried #56

How ironic - I got cut off in traffic by a guy whose bumper sticker says,

But in turning the phrase into a true Living Unhurried moment, what might you do today to practice unhurried kindness...
  • let someone go ahead of you in line;
  • hold the door for an entire group of senior citizens entering the store;
  • help carry some groceries for your neighbor;
  • pick up a bag of groceries for a friend who is struggling financially
  • bring a flower to your bank teller;
  • write a note of thanks to someone who has blessed you this week;
  • complement a co-worker by sharing how they impact (positively) your life
  • Smile at the person who just cut you off in traffic - maybe even pray peace for their life.
Keep your eyes pealed for "little" opportunities to impart blessing!

You get the idea - what did you do?

Join the Unhurried Revolution!