Unhurry Up™ #98

"Love the Lord your God with all your heart, 
with all your soul, 
with all your mind, 
with all your strength." 
~ Luke 10:27

Continuing on from the previous posts - here are some reflection questions -  mostly borrowed from a 12 step recovery article - but with some of my own added. As you consider these, it's not just trying to figure out how to have a "balanced" life or even to come up with an elaborate plan of how I can love God better. Instead, lean in and listen to how the Lord is inviting you to a life of love in the areas of your body, emotions, mind and relationships. Letting God define what a life of love looks like is more important than self-imposing huge "shoulds" "oughts" and pious expectations upon ourselves.
Today we will consider loving God with our souls: 

  • Am I honoring my spirit and soul? 
  • Have I spent time in prayer, meditation, or solitary thought? 
  • Have I read something inspirational or listened to beautiful music? 
  • What do I sense my soul is most longing for?

Now ask God,
  • "How are you inviting me to love you with my soul?"
  • How do you feel about His invitation?
  • What one thing might you do this week to respond to his invitation?

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