Embracing Poverty

"How can we embrace poverty as a way to God when everyone around us wants to become rich? Poverty has many forms. We have to ask ourselves: "What is my poverty?" Is it lack of money, lack of emotional stability, lack of a loving partner, lack of security, lack of safety, lack of self-confidence? Each human being has a place of poverty. That's the place where God wants to dwell! "How blessed are the poor," Jesus says (Matthew 5:3). This means that our blessing is hidden in our poverty.

We are so inclined to cover up our poverty and ignore it that we often miss the opportunity to discover God, who dwells in it. Let's dare to see our poverty as the land where our treasure is hidden."
~Henri Nouwen

What is your poverty?

  • Time?
  • Aloneness?
  • Money?
  • Emotional stability?
  • vocation?
How do you strive to "overcome" it - is that with God or apart from Him?

How does staring for treasure in the midst of your poverty feel?
What would you want to say to God re: your poverty?
As you sit with this thought, what might God be inviting you toward?