Are you skimming your life?

Jean Wise, in her blog, writes about how skimming info on the internet is affecting her skimming life at a more shallow level:

Multitasking. Busyness. Noise.  All modern hassles that I often simply accept, don’t fight, and let rule my life. Part of my survival mechanism, I guess.

But lately I have noticing my reading, listening and even prayer is lacking depth – I am skimming in all areas of my life.

Skimming makes me look like I have it all together and am on top of things, yet something is missing. I am not taking the time to develop deep roots – roots that will nourish me through dry periods and hold me steady during the storms of life.

 Are you fully engaged? Do you actually live life, or just skim it?
How might the internet be affecting your depth of life/living/relationships?

Click Here  to read (not skim, but read and reflect deeply, of course) the blog post in full - a great reflection on living a shallow life, vs deeply connected.

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