Unhurry Up™ #94

I think I'll bank with these guys...I do believe they are singing my song! What a surprising place to find an Unhurry Up™ slogan - a delightful reminder as I was scurrying along (not) in traffic! (Even I struggle with living unhurried - which is probably why I blog about it so often!)

This week, consider having a talk around the dinner table with your family and/or friends - here are a few good discussion starters:

  • "What makes you feel cared for?" As you listen to one another - are there any common threads?

  • "How do you sense God's care of you? Name one specific instant of His care you encountered this past week.

  • "What compels you to care for others? What deters you from that?"

  • What might God be inviting you toward?
Maybe each person can share the invitation they sense God inviting them toward and how they hope to integrate into the week an increased sense of paying attention to how they are caring for themselves, others or God. What is one thing that might help you be better at caring? Try that daily for 2 weeks and see what happens!

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