Unhurryup!™ into Easter #29

Lean into God's love, centering your attention and focus toward Him.

Light a candle to echo your heart prayer: 
"God of light, please shine in the darkness."

Take a few deep breaths and listen to the sound the candle makes...
Ask the Lord to fill you with a gentle, steady light.

Evaluate honestly how you are as you come into His presence.
As you come to be with God in these moments, take heed of what feels noisy in your life/world?
Is it internal, or external?
What part of your life is noisily demanding your attention? (Is it vocational noise? relational noise? conscience noise? financial noise? busyness noise? health noise? etc)

How do you feel about that "noisy" part of your life?

Take a few breaths and pray...
"Here I am Lord...come and quiet me with Your Love..." (Zeph. 3.17)

Notice what stirs your soul as you interact with the following:

"What deadens us most to God's presence within, I think, 
is the inner dialogue that we are engaged in within ourselves,
the endless chatter of human thought. 
 I suspect that there is nothing more crucial to true spiritual comfort 
than being able from time to time to stop the chatter, 
including the chatter of spoken prayer" 
Frederick Buechner

For the next 5 minutes - set a timer. This is so you won't have internal chatter about when is this five minutes going to be over....
Take a few deep breaths - and be still. If a to-do or a person or a thought comes floating across your brain quietly utter, "God of light," as you inhale and "Please shine in me." This will help refocus your heart to God alone.

Trust Him to open your heart toward fully receiving and living into His love.

How was that time? Distracted? Calming? Did you hear anything?
If there was silence, how did it effect your soul? Your body? Your emotions?
If you had to use your phrase multiple times, rejoice that you chose to center your soul on Him in these moments. Each time you did, you were loving Him!
As you leave this space, ask God for the grace to re-center your soul in the midst of the normal frenzy of your day.

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