Unhurryup!™ into Easter #38

Lean into God's love, centering your attention and focus toward Him.

Find a quiet, comfortable space.
Take three deep breaths - 
On inhale say, "Not my will"
On exhale say, "but yours be done." 

Evaluate honestly how you are as you come into His presence.

As you come to be with God in these moments, take heed of how you feel.
As you consider uniting your life with God's will, 
what emotions, pictures, current events come to your mind and heart. 
Tell God honestly how you feel about offering your heart fully to Him...
your fears, longings, what you hope for, what you're hesitant to believe.
Notice what stirs your soul as you interact with the following:
Jesus, agonizing in prayer in the garden.
Look at the picture...as you consider Jesus, the night he would be betrayed with a kiss, handed over to mockery, humiliation, scorn, false accusations, beatings and death, what do you notice in this picture?
  • Ask God, "Lord, what do you want me to pay attention to?"
Let there be silence...take heed of what you're drawn to...pay attention to what comes to your mind/heart.
  • Now ask God, "Lord, how does this connect to my current life circumstances?"
Again - let there be silence, paying attention to what current or past events, people or issues come to the forefront of your mind. Embrace whatever comes and ask God, "Grant me the eyes to see/know the connection."

  • Finally, "Lord, what are you inviting me toward?"

Then take 3-5 minutes in paying attention to how your heart wants to respond to God's invitation via this picture/story of Him in the garden.
What might you like to say to God in response.

Trust Him to open your heart toward fully receiving and living into His love.

As you leave this space, ask God to give you the grace to open your heart and life toward His heart, 
no matter the cost.

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