Unhurryup!™ into Easter #28

"Excessive busyness, particularly in the service of a good cause, 
is an effective way of hiding from God 
and from our own deepest self.”
 Margaret Guenther

So, we've come to the fifth Saturday in Lent - is your weekend excessively busy with things you are looking forward to or things you are dreading? In what ways do you think busyness in your life contributes to your hiding from God and self?

Take a few minutes and ask God and listen: "Lord, how do you want me (and my family) to cooperate with you this weekend?"

Today - rather than a devotional thought for Lent, consider gently "acting" upon some truth God has revealed to you so far this week:

  • How might you intentionally linger and frolic with a child this weekend? In what ways do you experience God's welcome as you do?
  • Enjoy a "tech fast" for 24 hours - no TV, radios, google maps, internet or phone calls.
  • What has being honest with yourself about your emotions revealed to you about you? About God? Share this with one person you trust.
  • Express bodily how you are feeling. Are you angry? Go chop some wood! Are you joyful? Crank up a family favorite and have a dance in your living room together? Are you sad? Ask someone you love to hold you.
  • Start a family list of all the ways in which you have seen God's goodness and faithfulness. Perhaps each morning at breakfast, or at dinner, or before bed, share your "sightings" of God. Record them and revisit them when you feel like you are struggling.
  • Share with a friend something difficult that you feel you can't escape from. Ask them to be with you in silence (vs. giving a pep talk or trying to convince you to feel differently.)
  • Pick an activity with a friend that integrates work, play and love - volunteer to make a meal for a neighbor, or to finish cleaning out a garage interspersed with a fun "reward" when you're finished.
  • Take 10 minutes to stand outside with your hands "open" - asking God to help you live open-handedly.
 Enjoy - and I'd love to hear how God prompts you toward action...please post a comment!

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