Strengthening the Soul retreats -

    Strengthening the Soul - a package of seasonal day retreats to empower, anchor and enrichen your daily living
    "Who wants to live a shallow, hollow existence
    on the surface of things?
    We downsize our souls
    to achieve a safer bottom line
    of religious acceptability...
    to open up our souls and discover the fullness
    of who we are in the stream of God's love
    has not ever been an option for many Christians."
    ~Jeff Imbach
    And it is an option now!
    Introducing Strengthening the Soul - a series of 4 day retreats over the period of a year designed to open your soul to discover the fullness of who you are in the stream of God's love.
    Over the last 3 1/2 years of facilitating people toward God's love I've noticed there is something about pulling away with an intentional focus on God in a “spacious and unhurried place” that unsticks and empowers people in a way “normal” spiritual habits cannot... I've witnessed it over and over again in profound, whether subtle or overtly miraculous, ways. I've heard many speak of longing to participate in such a time, but because of either cost, time, or our all too commonly overstuffed lives, it continues to be something "I'll get to one of these days.”

    Well, one of these days is now here.

    How about investing in yourself by committing to 4 Saturdays over the period of a year where you might build a regular rhythm of caring for and strengthening the "you" that longs to live a full, rich, gutsy, and perhaps even messy but meaningful, life?

    These four Strengthening the Soul day retreats (1 per season over the year) meet a need for something in between an occasional day retreat and the more intensive 2 year commitment to the ACT Journey

    Strengthening the Soul -
    That's right - it's a quad of day retreats - a package deal - a "let's intentionally pursue soul care and soul strength this year with other people who long to do the same" type of thing.

    The dates:

    Once every 3 months over a year.
    Sept 27th,  Dec 3, 2011 & March 17, June 23, 2012
    Each retreat will run from 9am-3:30p on a Saturday.
    The Cost:
    Only $149 for all four retreats - this includes lunch! That's only $37.25/retreat!
    To put this in perspective: a "normal" day reFresh is $65. Though steep for some people, many of us still find the time and money to pay for a gym membership at $40+/month, and counseling...and massage...and sports tickets...and cable/satellite TV... Bottom line: we will invest in the things we think are important! What are you investing in your soul?

    The Place:The Table Community Church campus out in the beautiful rolling hills of Stafford, OR (Wilsonville). The church is an historic, white-steepled sanctuary with room to roam or cozy up in a corner.
    For more info and to register go click here.
    If you are a member of the Table, GracePoint Fellowship, or Cru and want to participate,
    please email me
    Special Offer
    The first five people to register and pay in full will receive a $25 refund. That amounts to $31 per retreat! What a deal!
    These five spots are likely to go fast... there are only 15-20 spots available. Please feel free to forward this to friends!
    The next day reFresh is around the corner!
    Sept. 17th at the exquisite
    (only 2 spots left)
      Fall dates for a day reFresh @ the wonderful DreamGiver's Inn 
    Oct 12th
    Nov 19th (Sat)
    Nov 30th (Advent)
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    Next weekend reFresh
    Nov 11-13, 2011
    Consider coming together as a small group to enter the holidays with God's guidance!
    More info here.
    I'd love to journey with you in this upcoming year of day retreats designed to Strengthen Your Soul...
    Soul Artisan
    creating unhurried spaces
    to help others discover the art of living courageously and authentically in the stream of God's love