Noticing our "divided" lives...

At Christmas, we celebrated God with us...God incarnating...the Holy becoming human and dwelling among us - and for those who have trusted His love and forgiveness - dwelling IN us. The incarnation, is a place where God cut the divide, in many ways, between sacred and secular. 

In Lent, we look at the things that keep us living "divided" - separating out God to certain parts of our days or week. In what ways (or in what parts of your life) do you live "divided"?

  • For you visual peeps - draw/take a picture that shows "division."
  • For you poetic peeps - how about a "tanka" (Japanese) style poem following these numbers of syllables 5-7-5-7-7 in the lines (no need to rhyme)
  • For you audio peeps - a video clip that captures the sound of division...

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