Forty Days

Lent is 40 days long. I (Melissa) say it again... loooooong. If you have chosen to abstain from something for Lent this year, or have done so in the past, you probably understand why I say this.

I can maintain anything for a couple weeks. It is a challenge to continue being intentional about this observance of Lent for 40 days plus the Sabbath days. March 5-April 20.

I have been pondering how long 40 days feels. I am pondering how 40 days played out in the Scriptures

Noah and the Ark-40 days and 40 nights

Moses when he was getting the 10 commandments-40 days and 40 nights

The 12 who went down to spy on Canaan- 40 days

Goliath went and took his stand for 40 days before David came along

After being strengthened by the Lord, Elijah went 40 days to Horeb (the Mountain of the Lord)

Nineveh had 40 days to repent after Jonah talked to them.

Jesus himself was 40 days in the wilderness

After His resurrection Jesus appeared for 40 days speaking of the Kingdom of God

I have only given up watching TV shows at home. But I am learned how long 40 days really is. Big changes happen in 40 days. Massively important aha moments with God happen in 40 days. 

Today is day 23 of the Lenten time. In our reFresh UnHurry Up into Easter, Lenten Pilgrimage we are asked to spend time with this verse: O that today you would listen to his voice! Do not harden your hearts... Ps. 95:7-8

hmmm... listening to His voice. Each of the 40 days listed above have something to do with listening to the Lord's voice. Oh may I really listen during this Lenten season.

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