Be kind to yourself

This is Wednesday Wonderment #16. This past week my friend Jenn sent me a link to this song saying, "Paula, this sounds like something you'd say." 

Alas, yes, this is not a new variation on a theme and I myself need to hear it over and over again. I believe, help my disbelief! 

So take a listen to the song - and notice what stirs in you. Is there something that resounds or unnerves you? Is there a word or phrase that sticks out? Hold what you notice as a good gift...with curiousity and welcome. And listen in for God's invitations to your own heart? 

As you leave this space, take a moment to hold out your hands to receive....and then, after a moment, gently lift your hands to place this gift into your heart. And remember, as always, be gentle with yourself - and peace and good to you and all whom you love.

Paula Gamble GrantComment