How does Advent find you?

Welcome to the first week of Advent! Take a listen to this audio by Paula as she gives you some reFlective fodder for beginning the Advent season.

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The "How does this advent find you?" reading that Paula shares today was written by  Cheryl Lawrie. The text of this reading is below.

How does Advent find you?

does it find you empty
wondering how this story can become new again
when you have already wrung every miracle and promise within it dry?

does it find you cynical,
wondering how long you can hold the faith
when with all the waiting and yearning and longing of advent’s past,
the world has barely changed.

does it find you wanting so badly for this all to be true
that you will talk the world into joy and hope
out of fear that if you don’t
it just might not appear.

does it find you reluctant,
here only because the lectionary tells you it’s that time of the year again
and the world offers you no other choice?

in this time of worship this morning
let your act of faith be to
let advent find you
wherever you are
to create a space inside us and the world

where mystery and presence might grow.