The Gift of Unanswered Questions

This is Wednesday Wonderment #26 -

Merry Christmas!

Yes, did you know that in the traditional Christian calendar, that Christmas is a short season - of 12 days. So even though we just celebrated the day of Christ's birth, we still get to celebrate for a few more days!

To be a Christian does not mean knowing all the answers; to be a Christian means being willing to live in the part of the self where the question is born." ~Wendy Wright

Take a listen to this 4ish minute audio where Paula shares about how making space in our lives for "pondering and treasuring" help us bravely face the corners where our deepest questions can be birthed. What do our unanswered questions reveal to us about God? Ourselves? Our deepest and essential needs?

Mary and Joseph at birth.jpg

A very Merry Christmas to you...ongoing...and a happy new year! 

May you taste abundant peace and good  - even as you linger with unanswered questions and moments.