He Holds All Things Together

Welcome to WW #25 - and happy 4th Wednesday of Advent. We're almost "there."

What is your narrative like? Do you have any family drama or confusion that is present? You're not alone...so did the family of Jesus. In the midst of this scandalous story, I love that God is the One who holds all that crazy together. Take a listen to this 4ish minute audio and take encouragement that God is holding your story together too!

Consider taking a moment between now and Christmas day to sit still for five minutes. What are the "crazy" and difficult parts of your family's story? What are the ways that you've said "yes" to God that have made your life more challenging? As you sit and consider these questions, imagine the God of the Universe - who held together all the "crazy" of Jesus' birth - is also holding your story. 

Peace and every good to you!